DIY Hot Sauce Making Kit

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The only DIY Hot Sauce Kit made by an award-winning Hot Sauce manufacturer! We live & breath hot sauce & will help you make your best-ever line of Hot Sauces. We used over 4 pounds of fresh peppers to make the 1.5 pounds of fermented pepper mash included in this kit. Other Hot Sauce kits use DRIED peppers totally lacking the full flavor, aroma, complexity and authentic heat of fresh & fermented peppers.
  • Better ingredients = better Hot Sauce every time.
  • 6 delicious varieties of peppers from around the world included: Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Scorpion, West Indes Habanero, Malagueta (Tabasco), Red Jalapeno & Amarillo Escabeche.
  • Our pepper mash variety has a heat range from Mild to Wild and flavor profiles from traditional to exotic allowing you to create an infinite variety of Hot Sauces at home.
  • 8 premium Boston Round glass bottles to give your finished product a sophisticated look and feel sure to impress everyone.
  • 8 premium labels to give your craft Hot Sauce a beautiful finishing touch your friends and family will love.
  • 20 page Recipe Guide packed with recipes featuring flavors from around the globe to jumpstart and inspire your Hot Sauce journey.
  • We also include other Hot Sauce making essentials like gloves and Ph strips to insure food safety and shelf-stability of your next award-winning Hot Sauce.
  • Compare our kit to any other kit on the market and you will notice a significant difference in the value of our kit. You get 1.5 pounds of fresh pepper mash compared to a handful of DRIED peppers lacking flavor, aroma and intensity!

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Weight 86 oz
Dimensions 13 × 9 × 5 in

4 reviews for DIY Hot Sauce Making Kit

  1. SHEILA R (verified owner)

    My husband raves about this being his most favorite Christmas gift of all times. He is a hot sauce fanatic to the point of being excessive. He has already made 4 batches of hot sauce and said the flavor of these peppers is the best he ever tasted. Gonna get one for my Uncle who is also a hot sauce freak.

  2. THOMAS_K12 (verified owner)

    AMAZING! This kit delivers way more than I expected because I bought one from Amazon last year and was very disapponted with the dried peppers in the kit. This one has so much fresh pepper mash I will be able to make enough hot sauce to last me all year. The quality is top notch, flavor is best of class and having 8 bottles is a huge plus for gifting

  3. DAVID48 (verified owner)

    Another home-run product from this company! I particularly love the huge quantity of pepper mash included cause I can make a tremendous variety of different sauces throughout the year. Very excited I have already made 3 sauces from the book and they all turned out stellar after I tweaked them to my tastes.

  4. MELinda (verified owner)

    Husband loved it and made some sauce with our son. It was way to hot for me they used the scorpion pepper in their custom hot sauce and ouch! Very pleased and impressed with quality

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