Carolina Reaper Peanuts

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Our Peanuts scooped 4 Awards (including Best New Product and first place Consumer Ready Salty Snack) at the largest spicy food show of 2019 – Zest Fest Fiery Food Challenge Irving Texas – 3 days of blind taste testing by 100 industry pros and professional judges determined the winners! 

Mild – our original Carolina Reaper Peanuts combining a little sweet with savory and a kiss of Carolina Reaper heat

Medium – building from the mild with a healthy dose of smoking hot Ghost Peppers bursting with intense flavor

Wild – not quite the #5 Death Nut but blazing hot with the addition of Moruga Scorpion & more Carolina Reaper Peppers


About the product
  • Excellent Gift – artisan crafted in small batches blending old-world recipes and modern techniques for superior quality
  • We sourced the best possible ingredients to create an insanely addictive snack for spicy food lovers
  • We are Farm to Bag sourcing premium ingredients locally…
    • Super Jumbo XL Peanuts from 5th generation Virginia Peanut Farmers
    • Green House Organic Carolina Reaper Peppers grown by local NC & SC farms
  • Mild is the perfect blend of reaper heat, sweet & savory making a delicious every day snack or gift
  • Medium is just right for those seeking a good bump in heat and the great flavor of Ghost Peppers
  • Wild is perfect for the Chili Head or someone seeking searing heat & a big flavor snack

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The #1 Consumer Ready Salty Snack (MILD) @ Feiry Food Challenge 2019 – see the results click here

The #2 Consumer Ready Salty Snack (MEDIUM) @ Feiry Food Challenge 2019 – see the results click here

The #3 Consumer Ready Salty Snack (WILD) @ Feiry Food Challenge 2019 – see the results click here

The #1 Best New Product Consumer Ready Food (MILD) @ Feiry Food Challenge 2019 – see the results click here

Additional information

Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 3 in
Heat Level


18 reviews for Carolina Reaper Peanuts

  1. Steve (verified owner)

    I got the mild ones and loved them. A little bit of heat and killer flavor. I could use them a little hotter so Im going to buy the medium ones next. Delicious peanuts

  2. SARAH (verified owner)

    The Mild Carolina Reaper Peanuts are very good with a delicious flavor, balanced heat and excellent crunch. We will be regulars on this product

  3. Jamie (verified owner)

    discovered these at the Food Show in Texas OMG the best peanuts for people who like spicy – my new fav

  4. joshdoncevic (verified owner)

    The Medium level peanuts do not disappoint. Noticeably hotter than the Mild, but still packing tons of flavor. Can’t wait for the Wild ones to arrive!

  5. sandee g (verified owner)

    delicious, crunchy, sweet and hot! the milds have a good kick but the wilds will kick your teeth in – super hot and really good we love them

  6. scalfdaniel13 (verified owner)

    After trying the V2 challenge, got 2 more along with medium and wild. Medium seems to be like level 2 and wild is between 3&4. Great flavor and a lot of heat. My new favorite snack.

  7. STEVE J (verified owner)

    just buy them thats all I can say you will not regret it unless you get the wild they were way too hot for me! the milds are perfect

  8. Mike Bonanno (verified owner)

    Super spicy super tasty big fan

  9. david soliz (verified owner)

    An amazing company. Was delivered the wrong product and they quickly responded and sent a replacement. The product is tasty and the service is great couldn’t recommend them more. Will be ordering again.

  10. Jackson Collins (verified owner)

    This is a great product. Very good Flavor and really good heat. I love these Peanuts. A bag of these Peanuts only last me 2 or 3 days. I believe I’m addicted to these Peanuts. I totally recommend the Wild Carolina Reaper Peanuts!!!

  11. SPENCER F (verified owner)

    the best spicy peanuts I’ve ever had – period!!

  12. Denise Patterson (verified owner)

    I ordered the wild peanuts and their sweet but then the kick kicks in I highly recommend and I love these but I’m a beginner chili head I’m just starting out if you like sweet and then you’ll love these peanuts

  13. Denise Patterson (verified owner)

    Hello everyone this is Denise and if you’d like sweet and spicy your love these peanuts I ordered the wild and I couldn’t ask for a better snack even though I am a beginner chili head this is why you must try this

  14. pr.patrickdavis (verified owner)

    Bought the Wild. Absolutely sizzling if you toss 10 in your mouth at once. Delicious.

  15. SAMMY H (verified owner)

    Milds are delicious with just a touch of heat. For me though the Wilds rock and are my favorite spicy snack hands down.

  16. Joseph Weymouth (verified owner)

    If you like sweat roasted peanuts you will not be disappointed. The medium has a great balance of sweat and heat. Perfectly snackable and another great product.

  17. hayshin (verified owner)

    Hello from Russia. The nuts are amazing. I opened mild, and medium and wild are next in line.

  18. Andrew Boudreau (verified owner)

    Delicious peanuts. The flavor is unbelievable and it can really help improve your tolerance or just Eva nice snack to eat!

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