Death Nut Challenge Version 2.0

(28 customer reviews)


The #1 Spicy Food Challenge of 2019

Our new Version 2 picks up where Version 1 left off! The chili-heads spoke and we listened to thousands of customers providing valuable input and demand to create a better challenge! We started with all new pepper blends using the 6 hottest peppers on earth & developed a new coating process to improve flavor and crunch. Then we kicked it up a few notches by adding 13,000,000 Scoville pure all natural Capsaicin Crystals to the 5th and final level – the Death Nut. 

After months of testing and customer trials, we offer our best challenge yet – Version 2.0

Can you handle all 5 levels?

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5 levels of spicy fun…

The Death Nut Challenge Version 2.0 brings you a whole new level of spicy hot food challenges featuring 5 new levels of insanely hot peanuts…

  • #1 Getting Started: Carolina Reaper + Chocolate Bhutlah Peppers
    • Heat Level – 5
  • #2 Warming Up: Carolina Reaper + Ghost Peppers
    • Heat Level – 6
  • #3 It’s Gettin Real: Carolina Reaper + 7 Pot Brain Strain Peppers
    • Heat Level – 8
  • #4 Pain Sets In: 2-X Carolina Reaper + 7 Pot Douglah Peppers
    • Heat Level – 10
  • #5 The Death Nut: 2-X Carolina Reaper, 2-X Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Peppers and a sprinkling of 100% pure all natural 13,000,000 Scoville Capsaicin Crystals to make things interesting. 
    • Heat Level – ** Stupid **

The 6 Hottest Peppers On Earth carefully blended to provide intensely progressive heat and huge pepper flavor… HOW FAR CAN YOU GO?

We are proud to produce American jobs (primarily disadvantaged & under-employed US workers), buy from the best local small/medium family farms producing superior peanuts, peppers, spices and packaging materials when available. We are US Veterans supporting Veterans with donations through the Fisher House organization.



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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 1 in

28 reviews for Death Nut Challenge Version 2.0

  1. Jimmy (verified owner)

    did the version 1 and it was hot as F but this one tastes better and the 5th nut busted my mouth it was so hot. By far the best challenge out there. My only problem is they screwed up and used the old version 1 label on the inside package. Owner apologized and told me about the packaging mistake – stand up company will buy again

  2. Sandee G. (verified owner)

    more fun than a barrel of monkeys! we did it as an office fund raiser with 6 people taking the challenge and it was hilarious. we raised a good bit of money for our local Hospice center so it worked out really well

  3. HeatMaster (verified owner)

    dude way hot smartest challenge yet luv’d it

  4. Sam (verified owner)

    hands down the best challenge ive ever done

  5. Tina W. (verified owner)

    legit, fun and worth it

  6. Dave (verified owner)

    had a couple a guys do it with me at out local brewery it rocked. we drew a crowd too so it was fun

  7. Allesia (verified owner)

    Holy S** made my boobs sweat!! We loved it what a great challenge

  8. Steve (verified owner)

    loved the first one & this one blew me away. best challenge I’ve done so far HOT AF

  9. lenapepats88 (verified owner)

    Holy hell lol cruised through the first 2. 3rd one had a very nice kick, 4th one was hottt as F***, but DAMN that 5th one knocked my mouth off my face lol was so freakin hot. Did it with 2 buddies and all 3 of us were sweating like crazy. Will definitely buy again

  10. Jeff B (verified owner)

    Fun fun fun!! By far the best challenge we have ever done!!

  11. Tom (verified owner)

    Holy *@$% this was a great challenge we did a three man challenge and filmed it for youtube! two of us made and one sadly did not LOL. It was the best one we did yet and level 5 was brutal

  12. G Morris (verified owner)

    Was skeptical about this challenge but oh boy was I wrong! The Good: 5 different levels with increasing heat along the way, great flavor, big giant peanuts very tasty, variety of pepper flavors and heat. The Bad: holy crap hot!

  13. GANGSTA CHILIS (verified owner)

    this is what we do! we eat hot stuff and review on Youtube. This is hands down the best challenge we have ever encountered *****5 Stars all the way and killer packaging

  14. kyle.barham2 (verified owner)

    I had to create an account after purchasing and completing this challenge. This was my first attempt at a spicy challenge so I went head first into the kiddie pool. The peanuts tasted amazing and there was some crazy heat. I did complete it(yay), however I still felt the after effects for a good 24 hours after. Awesome challenge!

  15. SAMMY W. (verified owner)

    Delicious & super hot – awesome challenge!!!

  16. artiom1212 (verified owner)

    that was amazing, i am born again. Going to buy a lot more things here.

  17. Tineshia M (verified owner)

    we loved it!

  18. Joseph Y (verified owner)

    a whole bunch of shut the hell up for my loudmouth I can eat anything neighbor!! well worth the $15 to watch him sweat and cry OMG next victim is my crazy uncle

  19. awuori044 (verified owner)

    Wow. I consider myself a spicy food lover, but I think that I’ve definitely discovered my upper limit when it comes to capsaicin consumption in these nuts. The first level had a lot more kick than I expected, and I was able to get up to Level 3 in the actual “challenge” before I had to tap out – I foolishly attempted the challenge while I had work the next day, and was worried that going above Level 3 would put me in a very unworkable state for the next 72 hours or so.

    I waited until I had a day off, though, and attempted Level 4… On an empty stomach apart from a cup of coffee an hour earlier. A mistake, perhaps, as ten or fifteen minutes after I downed Level 4 (Very, VERY spicy, causing me to sweat and my eyes to water.) I was on my knees before the proverbial porcelain shrine as my body violently rejected the capsaicin poison that was tearing apart my stomach. It was easily some of the worst pain I’ve had for years. Several hours later, I ended up experiencing heartburn (delayed, for some reason) for the first time in my entire life. Nothing some Pepto-Bismol couldn’t fix, but an unpleasant surprise, to say the least. I did not try Level 5, out of fear of what that would cause to my GI tract.

    The nuts themselves are 5/5, without question. Regardless of their spiciness, they taste *VERY* good, unexpectedly good. A lot of spicy food I consume is spice only with very little flavor, but these nuts were rich and tasteful. The only reason I’m rating then 4/5 is that this is, in spite of my initial assumptions, simply not a product for me. It is absolutely a product for top-level spice heads, but, unfortunately, these nuts have taught me that I am indeed only a mid-level spice head at best.

  20. Alphonso K. (verified owner)

    ridiculously hot and delicious! the challenge takes some guts for sure by level 4 you start asking yourself is this something I really want to accomplish. Just push through and hang on it rocks. BTW you can’t beat the fun factor of this challenge at any price – very well worth it

  21. JENNIFER (verified owner)

    hubby loved it and it burnt him up good which gave me some good laughs and good fun. ordering again for our family reunion want to burn up some of my cousins

  22. M Reammer (verified owner)

    yes this is by far the hottest challenge we have done! surprised how good they tasted considering the heat from each level. up vote = yes

  23. MIKE D (verified owner)

    Hands down the best challenge product I’ve ever done. Very very hot and quite tasty the bomb

  24. TAMMY (verified owner)

    bought this for my boyfriend and his gang of dummies. let me tell you I had more fun watching these guys suffer than you can imagine. totally worth the price of admission i laughed for hours. boys said it was 100% legit and tasted great but way hot

  25. JULIE R (verified owner)

    Next level challenge for sure this one is great!! Loved the flavor these peanuts rock and definitely bring the heat!! 5 STARS well worth the price of admission

  26. PAULA (verified owner)

    best one yet 5 stars

  27. DANNY (verified owner)

    YES!! Totally beats the chip and chocolate challenges hands-down. There’s just so much more to this challenge that makes it more fun and perfect for parties and poker night. The 5 levels getting hotter is great for people who are new to super spicy challenges and they can tap out when things start getting out of control. For the money… my personal favorite.

  28. BRIAN_BA (verified owner)

    very good product with flavor and heat. was a fun game will recommend to anyone

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